Table tennis is a sport for us all. In our club, you can play table tennis in a competitive level, learn new skills in table tennis school or just play for fun. Welcome to play one of the most popular sports in the world!

Big Update: A New Table Tennis Center in Seppälänkangas! 

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How to Get Started?

Pöytätennis Jyväskylä (Table Tennis Jyväskylä) is the only table tennis club in Central Finland. Nevertheless, we aim to become the biggest table tennis club in Finland!

And we want you too to join our club! We have groups for new junior and adult players. You don’t have to have any background in table tennis, good spirit and willingness to learn are everything you need!

You can try our groups twice for free. You can register by clicking the button below. 

More information about the training times and groups can be found below! You can simply contact us via email (info@ptjyvaskyla.fi) or phone (+358 40 537 1449) to ask more!  

Training sessions 

You can find all our training sessions below. Table Tennis Schools are meant for players who haven’t played table tennis in a club before. Also Open Trainings are open for new players. Trainings are held in our new Table Tennis Center in Seppälänkangas (Sorastajantie 1, 40320 Jyväskylä).

Table Tennis Schools

Under 8 (Children born 2014 or later)
Sun 15.15-16.30 (in Jokela School)
Tue 18-19

Aged 9-12  (Children born 2010 to 2013)
Mon 17-18
Wed 17-18

Aged 13-16 (Children born 2006 to 2009)
Tue 17-18
Thu 17-18

Adults (People born from 1900 to 2005)
Wed 19.30-21
Sun 18.30-20

Table Tennis Schools are meant for new players who have not played table tennis in a club before. Training sessions contain table tennis training and playing with a coach. The school’s duration is 4 months, after which you can move on to other groups. Table Tennis School’s fee is 40€ per month for juniors, students and pensioners and 60€ per month for adults. Two times you can try for free before making any commitments. You can borrow a racket from the club.

Open Trainings

Recreational (people born in 2004 and older)
Mon 19.30-21
Wed 19.30-21
Sun 18.30-20

Competitive (people born in 2004 and older)
Tue 16-18
Wed 18-19.30
Thu 18-20
Sun 16.30-18.30

Open Trainings are meant for those who want to train and play freely without a coach. You will find new playing partners and get to play in a high-quality table tennis environment. The competitive group is aimed for licensed players, as the recreational one can be attended by players of all levels. The groups are aimed for players over 18-year-olds. For younger people, we recommend Table Tennis Schools. Open Trainings are priced as follows.

One session: 10€
1 time a week: 30€ per month
2-3 times a week: 50€ per month
Over 3 times a week: 70€ per month

Pensioners and students
One session: 8€
1 time a week: 24€ per month
2-3 times a week: 40€ per month
Over 3 times a week: 50€ per month

You can come and test the groups two times for free.

Coaching Groups

Juniors, advanced
Mon 18-19.30
Wed 18-19.30
Sun 16.30-18 (Jokela School)

Juniors, competition
Mon 19.30-21
Tue 18.30-20
Wed 16-18
Thu 18-19.30

Mon 18-19.30
Thu 17-18.30

Coaching groups are intended for juniors who have already played in the club. Beginners born in 2007-2012 can also join the girls’ group.

1 time a week: 25€ per month
2-3 times a week: 45€ per month
Over 3 times a week: 65€ per month

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