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Welcome to Table Tennis Jyväskylä!

Whether you are looking to take up a fun healthy new hobby – or get back to table tennis after years (perhaps decades) – or compete at the highest level – you have found the right place!

Big Update: A New Table Tennis Center in Seppälänkangas! 

Club News (in Finnish)

Courtesy of Table Tennis Fight Club (TTFC) UK, 2022.

Quick Overview

We offer:

  • general practice sessions (no coach, find/bring a partner, pay per session, €8-10)

  • 4-month courses (join any time, pay monthly)

  • group coaching (learn with coach, pay per month, 1-4 times per week, €25-€65)

  • private coaching on request

No matter what option you choose, the first two sessions (except private coaching) are free, and bats are provided by the club.



All sessions are held at our new table tennis center in Seppälänkangas (Sorastajantie 1, 40320 Jyväskylä), opposite Megazone. Easy parking. About 10 min drive from the city center. Bus connection is available.



We have a pedagocially trained young female coach for the youngest players (under 8) and courses for 9-12 and 13-16 years of age. Adult players range from 16 to 100+. We also have several volunteer coaches and one professional high-level coach.


Tabletennis is one of the few sports, where players of a wide range of age, gender, and fitness levels can play on similar levels. In the future we may offer team competitions, where friends and families can compete in friendly but rated matches 🙂

Table tennis has been shown to provide numerous health benefits from improved fitness to weight-loss and prevention of age-related memory-loss.


More information about the training times and groups can be found below. You can also contact us via email (info@ptjyvaskyla.fi) or phone (+358 40 537 1449).


How to get started

1) Consider your skill level:

  • level 1 beginners/improvers

  • level 2 intermediate (comfortable with both topspin- and backspin- serves/hits/loops)

  • level 3 advanced/competitive (you have an official rating or can win against rated players)

2) Choose from one of the three options below (4-month courses, general practice session, group coaching).  Remember your first two sessions are free and bats are provided. Special programs are available for juniors 6-16 years of age. Newcomers usually try a general (all-level) practice session or may commit to a 4-month course if they are determined.

3) If you are not sure, come to a general practice session or contact us on info@ptjyvaskyla.fi or phone (+358 40 537 1449) for more personalized advice.

That’s it!

Note: Competitive players hold a competition licence. National competitions can then be attended on weekends in Finland, overseas, and sometimes in the club.

Regular club competitions are planned to start in the near future (no license needed).

4-month group-courses for levels 1 and 2, €60 (€40)

A discount is available for  juniors, students, pensioners (€40)

Currently level 1 and 2 are in the same session and we try to group players based on their current skill. We expect more specialization as the club keeps growing. It is possible to join at any time.

Under 8
Sun 15.15-16.30 (School sporthall in Jokela)
Tue 18-19

Ages 9-12 
Mon 17-18
Wed 17-18

Ages 13-16
Tue 17-18
Thu 17-18

Adults (16+)
Wed 19.30-21
Sun 18.30-20

This is a great option for beginners of all ages to get professional training and find people to play with.

General practice-sessions, €10 (€8)

These are great opportunities to bring friends or just play with other club-members, independenty, and without a coach. We also have a tabletennis robot if you don t feel like waiting for a partner.

All levels (12+)
Mon 19.30-21
Wed 19.30-21
Sun 18.30-20

Level 3* (12+)
Tue 16-18
Wed 18-19.30
Thu 18-20
Sun 16.30-18.30

*Level 2 players are also welcome to attend – provided we have free tables, which is currently (September 2022), typically, the case.

Discounts are available (if payment occurs monthly) as follows:

One session: 10€
1 session/week: 30€/month
2-3 sessions/week: 50€/month
Over 3 sessions/week: 70€/month

Pensioners, students, unemployed, 12+ to 18 years
One session: 8€
1 session/week: 24€/month
2-3 sessions/week: 40€/month
Over 3 sessions/week: 50€/month

You can come the first two times for free.


Ages 9-16, level 2
Mon 18-19.30
Wed 18-19.30
Sun 16.30-18 (Jokela School)

Adults (16+) , levels 1 and 2

Wed 19.30-21
Sun 18.30-20

Ages 9-16, level 3
Mon 19.30-21
Tue 18.30-20
Wed 16-18
Thu 18-19.30

Girls only (about 10-15), all levels
Mon 18-19.30
Thu 17-18.30

Group coaching is great to advance your skills following a 4-month group course – or for non-beginners who like to take their game to the next level.

1 session/week: 25€/month
2-3 session/week: 45€/month
More than 3 sessions/week: 65€/month

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