Table tennis is a sport for us all. In our club, you can play table tennis in a competitive level, learn new skills in table tennis school or just play for fun. Welcome to play one of the most popular sports in the world!

Announcement: There is still room for new players. 

Club News (in Finnish)

How to Get Started?

You can simply contact us via email (info@ptjyvaskyla.fi) or phone (+358 40 537 1449).

We have groups for new junior and adult players. You don’t have to have any background in table tennis, good spirit and willingness to learn are everything you need!

The season fee is only 250 euros and it includes 1-2 training sessions a week and guidance from table tennis coaches.  Contact us to learn more!  

Training sessions 

You can find all our training sessions below. Table Tennis School and Beginnner Group are for players who haven’t played table tennis in a club before. Trainings are held in Vaajakosken liikuntahalli (Urheilutie 36, 40800 Jyväskylä) and Jokela School (Rovastinpolku 3, 40270 Jyväskylä). 

Table Tennis School (junior players from 6- to 14-years-olds)

Tuesday, 17-18
Sunday, 17-18.30

Jokela School
Wednesday, 19.30-20.45

Table Tennis School is meant for new players aged 6 to 14. It is divided to two groups: one in Vaajakoski and one in Jokela.

Advanced Juniors

Tuesday, 17-18

Thursday, 16.30-18

Sunday klo 17-18.30

This is group is meant for junior players who already have a background in table tennis. All the practice sessions are held in Vaajakoski.

Beginners (over 15-years-olds)

Wednesday, 20.45-22

This group is meant for players who are over 15-years-olds. There is no age limit so you can join even in your 80s. The trainings are held in Jokela School. 


Monday, 15-16.15
Tuesday, 15-18
Thursday, 16.30-18
Sunday, 17-18.30

This group is for players who have background in table tennis and want to play competitively. The group trains in Vaajakoski.

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